The Role of a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment firms act as external business representatives to enhance existing talent acquisition efforts of human resources departments. Every day, each recruitment consultant reaches out to dozens of candidates to screen, attract, and qualify them for openings matching the clients’ requirements. At Onyx, we focus on streamlining this process to deliver the best experience for clients and candidates.

When You work with Us

Our firm recognises the myriad of soft skills and technical knowledge necessary to be an effective recruitment consultant, and we invest in our consultants’ development through structured lesson-style training and on-the-job mentorship.

The Onyx Recruiter Training Syllabus 

Effective Sourcing
  • Resume-mining & Boolean search techniques
  • Skillset keyword mapping
  • Client and talent mapping
  • Head-hunting calls
Candidate Screening & Selection
  • Interview techniques
  • Understanding candidate motivators
  • Personality & Aptitude profiling
  • Functional specialization training
Client Servicing
  • Improving accuracy in client and role representation
  • Ensuring client & candidate confidentiality
  • Conducting confidential and/or retained search
Client Advisory
  • Hiring & Industry Best Practice
  • Job description crafting & design

Interested in being a Recruitment Consultant?

The recruitment industry is highly competitive and is not a life suited for most. However, a recruitment career can be immensely satisfying (when successfully closing a challenging requisition from an appreciative client or placing out a favourite candidate) and rewarding. Consultants that usually thrive in the industry are naturally curious about the business environment, creative problem solvers, active listeners, and go-getters with a resilient personality. 

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